Is Karz Insurance Company Really Worth the Hype? Our Honest Review

Karz Insurance Review

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Karz Insurance Company Full Reviews

Karz receives mixed reviews from customers - uncover the truth.

It’s time to review Karz Insurance Company, one of the devoted vehicle insurance comparison websites in the US that is independent of any specific insurer.

Welcome to the page for Karz’s customer feedback and concerns. Making wise decisions about where to spend your time and money may be difficult, so has built this platform so that members of our community can openly discuss their interactions with Karz.

You can get a thorough selection of testimonials and grievances from actual users of Karz’s goods and services. they are evaluations are accurate and objective, giving you a full picture of the business, its goods and services, and its customer support.

Browse reviews and complaints at your leisure, and feel free to share your own Karz encounters. Your opinions are valuable to our community and will aid others in making wise decisions.

Some Karz Insurance Reviews from

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I am disabled person, my daughter took me here in good faith that these people would help me on my fixed income, and they sold me a car that had to be put in the shop, after they took my money is when they told me this. What kind of person would do this to a handicap person, needing transportation, these people did, so you see the first week i drove it was a week after i bought it, it stayed in the shop for a whole week, now that's not the bad part, when i got it back they told me i would have to pay for the service that was done on my car, scam artist, and then picked it up one day after i did not make my payment, i was out of town for a funeral and i left my car at my daughters house and called them and told them that i would be in on that monday and pay my car note and i was told that would be fine. I got up that sunday came to get my car and it was gone, then mind you i go to pick my car up and they already got it on the lot with a dollar sign on it, and to cook the cake they stole my floor mats out of the car. So i lost all the way around, i gave them my money and got took. Please do not go here to buy a car because they are nothing but rip offs. I also had just filled my car up with gas, aint that nothing
KarzDallas, US
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FeliciaB1McKinney, US
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Bad Customer service/ Bad Business My Husband and I bought a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer from these croOKs on September 4th, 2012 made my first two payments. I was on my way to make the 3rd payment, to make it more clear i sent them a money order and even read them the money order number and they put it in there system. i called the the next day to see if the got it and they had said no, so i said OK i will call back on Saturday. So when i called back i asked to speak with the manager and i asked if they received my letter and he said no. i then said OK what do i need to do, he said for me to come out there with the money order receipt so he can see that i did send it out. I then told him that i did not have any gas in my car to make if out there and that i need to fine away to take care of it. all he said was OK!. did not tell me what could happen if i did not have this payment by a certain time. So on Sunday as i was leaving my parents house my car was gone, i then called the police and they said it had been repossessed. how very upset and angry i was, so pissed off that if i was to see them that day something was going down. so my mom, husband, and i went to the lot today (Monday morning) and tried to see what was going on and the manager said that its not in the system to be repossessed so i then asked well why was my car taken and i had told you what the issue was. to make it short i told them they can keep the car because of the mean and nasty attitudes they was giving us and also because they wanted 8 thousand dollars just for me to get my car back. i said PLEASE I DON'T THINK SO!. so the manager got upset because we was not trying to hear what he had to say so he called the police and when he police got there the manager told him. this is why we have a secret car lot where we hold cars, cause THESES PEOPLE. first of all when a white man is talking to a white cop and you say THESE PEOPLE that is a racist act. yes i and a Black woman and i do not like to be compared to other people nor do i like people to slander my name. when my mom tried to defend herself the police told her that she can not tell people what to do, but it you think about it just like the manager had freedom to say what ever he wanted to say so did my mom. she had every right to say what she said. THIS CAR LOT IS FULL OF IT AND I LOOK AT THEM HOW I LOOK AT THE DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT... A JOKE!

What is Karz Insurance?

Initial matters foremost. We must understand exactly what Karz Insurance is. Karz Insurance is a dedicated insurance affiliate website that connects people seeking insurance quotes around the country.

Since Karz is not an insurance firm, it does not legitimately offer insurance services and does not hold a license to do so.

Karz really collaborates with reputable, well-known auto insurance providers to offer insurance services, such as auto insurance policies and claims.


Karz Insurance Review

It’s time to delve into the world of Karz Insurance Company and assess its offerings. As its name suggests, Karz primarily focuses on car insurance quotes and extends its services nationwide within the United States. What sets this company apart is its extensive coverage across multiple states – a rarity among insurance agents and affiliates who often limit their operations geographically. This advantage has undoubtedly contributed to Karz’s success in the industry.

One notable aspect of Karz is its vast array of auto insurance quotes available for customer selection. By offering such diversity, they empower customers with better choices when it comes to finding an ideal policy provider before finalizing any commitments. Moreover, this company goes beyond mere facilitation; they actively search for suitable insurance companies on behalf of their clients while ensuring seamless connections between them.

From my perspective, these actions demonstrate that Karz is truly committed to serving its clients’ best interests by providing valuable assistance throughout their journey towards securing appropriate coverage.

At no additional cost, Karz enables customers to compare insurance rates effortlessly by securely storing their vehicle and personal details – an essential measure for privacy protection – before presenting them with a comprehensive list of auto insurance quotes from various providers. This seamless process eliminates any concerns about compromising sensitive information while empowering customers to make well-informed decisions.

In summary, Karz Auto Insurance Company deserves recognition for its customer-centric approach and dedication to helping individuals navigate the complex realm of insurance policies effectively.

Is Karz Insurance Legit?

  • Karz has a good rating on Linkedin, and BBB and good positive comments on Reddit. Karz has a Really physical address and office in addition to the phone number. This is why loan auto insurance is valid.
  • They’ve helped 1,000,000 consumers find the best auto insurance rates
  • Also they have some good business partners, and the companies Nationwide, AAA Insurance, Mercury Insurence, Progressive, American Family Insurance, and many more.

They want consumers to have the best possible experience and connect with a partner that will serve them well. karz is here for you. Need help? Contact us at Want to get a quote and skip the questions? Call Karz to connect with an agent.


Karz Insurance Review

Contact Karz Insurance Company

  • Address: 25 SE 2nd Ave Ste 550 PMB 177, Miami, FL 33131
  • Call To Karz: 1-888-804-5641/ 1-855-451-2536
  • Email:
  • Website:
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